Bendable Lithium-ion Batteries Are Possible!

A group of South Korean scientists has developed the world’s first imprintable and bendable lithium-ion battery, which, in turn, could help enhance the development of new flexible mobile devices, such as cellular phones, the science ministry said Tuesday. The material consists of a UV-cured polymer matrix, high-boiling point liquid electrolyte, and Al(2) O(3) nanoparticles, formulated for use in lithium-ion batteries with 3D-structured electrodes or flexible characteristics. This means that a whole new class of imprintable, bendable, and shape-conformable polymer electrolyte batteries could be on the way! The scientists were from the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) and several other institutes. It looks like flexible devices is certainly where things are headed! The video below is from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) who have also developed a promising solid state, thin-film lithium-ion battery.


“Conventional lithium-ion batteries that use liquefied electrolytes had problems with safety as the film that separates electrolytes may melt under heat, in which case the positive and negative may come in contact, causing an explosion,” it said. “Because the new battery uses flexible but solid materials, and not liquids, it can be expected to show a much higher level of stability than conventional rechargeable batteries.”


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