Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro 10 650W PSU Review

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External Design of the Dark Power Pro 10 650W

The Dark Power Pro 10 

The Dark Power Pro 10 certainly does not look like your common run-of-the-mill power supply. The metallic parts of the power supply are sprayed with a metallic glossy black paint. A rubberized plastic frame surrounds the rear of the chassis and a rubber strip the front, absorbing all vibrations from and to the power supply. Finally, Be Quiet! is using a proprietary cover forming a parallel wire grid instead of a regular circular fan guard.

 Side Stickers

Instead of embossing or painting the metal, Be Quiet! used large metallic stickers on the sides of the Dark Power Pro 10 power supply. Both stickers have been perfectly applied inside an embossed area. We can also see the rectangular warranty sticker on the left side of the power supply.

Top side 

We found the sticker with the electrical specifications and certifications of the power supply on the top side of the chassis. Be Quiet! placed it facing the right side of the unit, so that it will be readable from the outside of a windowed computer case if the PSU has been installed below the motherboard tray.

 Front side view

Except from the plastic frame, nothing else is interesting about the front side of this power supply, which is just like that of any other modern unit; perforated, with a typical A/C receptacle and on/off switch.

 Rear side view - modular connectors

An aluminum plate forms the frame of this power supply’s rear side. There are fifteen connectors; four for the fan power cables, four for the PCIe cables, one for the CPU 12V cable, five for the SATA and Molex cables and finally one for the OCK bracket connector. The OCK bracket is a simple switch which allows the user to choose between a four 12V rail OCP mode and a single 54A rail mode. For those who do not which to install the PCI bracket, the power supply defaults to its standard four rail mode without anything connected and Be Quiet! includes a jumper which forces the unit to permanently operate under single 12V mode. Finally, the hole from which the cable are coming out from is square and covered with a flexible rubber gasket, creating a stunning visual effect.

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