BB10 Demo Released For iOS & Android: Can BB Woo You?

Blackberry hasn’t been terribly relevant for quite some time now. With Apple and Google dominating the smartphone arena players like Microsoft and Blackberry have a hard fight before them. In March 2013 we BlackBerry return to glory with the launch of the Z10 smartphone along with Blackberry 10 OS. The OS has been our for a month now, but now can give the BB10 OS a test drive on your current device.

How do you try it? Simply hop online and go to on your Andoid or iOS device and you’ll be greeted with a BB10 z10 screen that features a “try it” button. The demo is short and doesn’t show all the BB10 features, it does give you a feel for what they’re doing with the operating system. The demo worked fine out Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone, but it didn’t like the screen resolution on our Samsung Galaxy Note II!

With surprising profits in the last quarter of 2012, is it possible that blackberry has a winner on their hands? Check out the site and tell us what you think in the forums. Make sure you’ve got a solid Internet connection before you try.

BlackBerry 10 Glimpse


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