Azza Hurrican 2000 Full Tower PC Case Review

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Internal Impressions

Interior View of Azza Hurrican 2000

Opening up the Hurrican 2000 reveals a nicely painted black interior. I didn’t notice any blemishes or under spray which is awesome. The space it has inside does welcome the want to install an HD 5970 or a GTX 480 if you want (besides saying it on the box).

Interior View of Azza Hurrican 2000

Looking at the other side, we see the CPU cut out hole along with a few other holes for cable management. It is nice to see Azza included some ties for the cabling as well.

Left Side Panel of Azza Hurrican 2000

The left panel is a hefty one with two 230mm intake fans along with two small windows for your viewing pleasure. Replacing them will more or less require you to unscrew the outer grill but that is a small price to pay for since the fans aren’t taking up room inside.

Right Side Panel of Azza Hurrican 2000

The other panel isn’t much of a looker other than being indented outward for better cable management and, interestingly enough, Azza included a slim 120mm fan behind the CPU for better thermals.

Upper Interior View of Azza Hurrican 2000

Up top there are two 230mm exhaust fans. You can also place up to a 360mm water radiator up there as well. As mentioned a little bit ago, there isn’t any mention of fan speeds or airflow for any of the fans. We will get an idea shortly, though.

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