AZZA Genesis 9000 Full Tower PC Case Review

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AZZA Genesis 9000 Final Thoughts

The AZZA Genesis 9000 full tower chassis is an extremely large, fully capable chassis that can accommodate some of the largest computer systems out on the market with considerable ease. And then adding to this chassis the capability of being able to handle a large quad 120mm radiator without any modifications is something that only a few chassis can even claim to of even remotely possible of being able to handle. Also, the Genesis 9000 chassis is fully capable of handling an additional 120mm radiator on top of being able to handle a quad 120mm radiator, so giving us computer users the capability of being able to use 2 radiators with this chassis. AZZA gives computer users the customizing abilities of being able to set up this chassis how we want the motherboard to be used, whether we want it to be reversed or in the standard layout. We are also given the choice of where we want the PSU to be mounted to, or if we feel it is deemed to run up to 2 PSUs with our ever increasing ever power hungry computer components we can, and that just adds icing to the cake.

Genesis 9000 Bottom 3/4 View

The Genesis 9000 full tower chassis nearly excelled in every area that I personally look at in any chassis. Those being layout, installation options (what we can and cannot use with a chassis), stability, and finally size (room) of the interior. With all the capabilities of this chassis, I can only think of 2 areas that I feel AZZA needs to improve upon with the Genesis 9000 full tower chassis. The first one being the upper bezel venting system; these vents need to be more open to allow better airflow/circulation with our upper most computer fans. And the final area I feel that needs to be improved upon is the lower bezel front opening should be blocked off, or have an option of blocking it off. So if we choose to install a front PSU here, our PSU will not be re-circulating some of the heated air it will be creating during times of heavy computer usage.

As I mentioned in the introduction of this review, the AZZA Genesis 9000 full tower chassis costs $169.99 USD with free shipping from Newegg currently has the AZZA Genesis 9000, but charges $171.58 and you have to mess with a $30 rebate ($139.99 after a $30 mail-in rebate with $31.59 shipping). Considering the price, including the shear amount of options we have with this chassis, and not to forget we have the option of choosing 2 different coloring styles of this chassis, White chassis with Blue trim, or a Black chassis with Red trim, makes this chassis an extremely attractive offer for anyone needing or wanting a chassis that can go above and beyond the call of duty.


Legit Bottom Line: The AZZA Genesis 9000 full tower chassis is a fully capable chassis to fit just about any level of computer user while giving us room to grow with our computer systems.

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