AXLE GeForce GT 240 Video Card Review

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Final Thoughts & Conclusions

Axle GT 240

Based on tests conducted, I would say that the AXLE GeForce GT 240 is a more than capable card given it is in the $100 budget range. This card brings all the latest and greatest technology from NVIDIA to the table such as full support for HDMI 1.3a, CUDA, PhysX, Direct Compute, 3D Vision and Open CL with great overclocking potential to enhance performance even further. The Arctic Cooling heat sink and fan which cool this card down to amazing temperatures is a great addition to its power saving features as well. Coming back to the overclocking tests, I feel the chart below best shows the performance this core can output, when the right clocks are given to it:

Colin McRae's DiRT 2

I’m excited to see factory overclocked versions of this card coming to market to bring out the core’s true potential, but for most budget-minded users, this card is an exceptional upgrade that does not require a beefy power supply with PCI Express connectors, making installation as easy as ever.

Again, my only gripe with this card is the height of the retention screws on the back, limiting multi-GPU usage. That is what makes it difficult to call this card great for folding, because there are many users such as myself who use more than one budget card to run Folding @ Home on, but then again, there are likely more that purchase one for an aging system to run 24/7 so it’s really up to each consumer to decide their use there.

As mentioned earlier, AXLE 3D is a Hong Kong-based company, now trying to break into the US market, and with partnerships with companies like Arctic Cooling I have no doubt they can really shine here. I look forward to when their cards become easier to get, because their only current US e-tailer, doesn’t exactly have the status in the computer world that and have. With any luck, Newegg will pick them up shortly, as there is no reason that I can find not to!

Legit Bottom Line: The AXLE GeForce GT 240 doesn’t shatter any records being identical to the NVIDIA reference design, but coupled with the Arctic Cooling HS/F, it turns into a great performer for raw power as well as temperatures and power consumption for the budget user.

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