AVADirect Now Offers Intel Z97 Chipset Motherboards

AVADirect Now Offers Intel Z97 Chipset Motherboards From Leading Manufacturers
Twinsburg, OH – May 11th, 2014
AVADirect now offers Intel’s Z97 chipset motherboards provided by leading manufacturer’s ASUS, Gigabyte, and MSI. 2014 marks the “tock” schedule of Intel’s previously released Z87 chipset architecture. The “tock” signifies a design-based improvement, rather than a newly-designed chipset featuring improvements or features that previously did not exist in the previous generation. However, The Z97 not only promises to be a large improvement, but offers many feature-rich additions that make considering the Z97 chipset not only worth it, but practically pay for itself.
The most noticeable features offered with Intel’s Z97 chipset are the additions of the M.2 mSATA  expansion slots, and SATA Express ports, offering 10GB/s speeds to start. SATA Express is a new, cost-effective way to increase bandwidth of storage, sharing the PCIe lanes to boost performance, while also maintaining the standardized SATA interface, keeping all current SATA devices compatible. In the future, user will likely see performance speeds within the 8Gb/s to 16Gb/s range – An entirely new standard that is hoped to become mainstream quickly. The new SATA M.2 interface is designed to use SATA Express interfaces. Being as the original mSATA interfaces operating off of the PCI Express Mini Card layout, it made more sense for board manufacturer’s to transition into the latest M.2 form-factor, taking advantage of the bandwidth provided by SATA Express. Besides M.2 interfaces offering a more suitable form-factor, the bandwidth capabilities are much more suitable for flash storage. This is positive step in the right direction, as flash storage has only been used with mSATA devices since it first premiered in mobile platforms.
With the release of Intel’s Z97 chipset, major motherboard manufacturer’s ASUS, Gigabyte, and Microstar International have come prepared! The following key features can be found on select, performance-oriented boards offered by these leading manufacturers.
AVADirect has been an Intel Platinum Partner for five years. On its fifth anniversary, AVADirect does not see better way to celebrate than to use Intel’s latest Z97 chipset as the perfect basis for AVADirect Performance Desktops, Gaming Systems, and Mini-Gaming PCs. As leading motherboard manufacturer’s ASUS, Gigabyte, and MSI begin to release new motherboard models, AVADirect will be ready to create exciting, new configurations for its customers to utilize in unique and extraordinary ways.
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