AT&T Announces New Mobile Share Plans – 50GB For $500/month

AT&T today announced expanded choices of shared data plans for businesses and heavy data users. Starting March 22, AT&T will offer larger Mobile Share plans, new Mobile Share – Data (only) plans, and new Business Pooled Nation for Data plans. The new packages build on AT&T’s existing Mobile Share plans with expanded options of 30 GB, 40 GB and 50 GB, including unlimited calls and texts. Don’t expect to see any special discounts with these super-sized data plans though. Right now 3GB runs you $30/month and the new 30GB package runs $300. It looks like AT&T really likes the $10 per GB price point and is going to charge that rate for those that want to use up 3GB per month or heavy users that need 50GB per month. The overage fee is $15 per GB with this plan. While this plan doesn’t make sense for most individuals it does make sense for business account holders and can save them some money.


AT&T Data Plans

“Our expanded Mobile Share plans make it even easier for business customers to choose a data option that’s right for them,” said Joe Lueckenhoff, AT&T Senior Vice President, Business Product Management, “whether it’s a large business wanting to better connect with employees, or a small business owner needing a data-only plan.”


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