ATI’s Radeon X1900 Video Card Series Part II

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X3: Reunion

This new game is starting to get a lot of attention and rightfully so. It offers some of the best visuals that we’ve ever seen in a PC game. Visit the gang at Egosoft and download the demo. We tested with the resolution set to 1280×1024, with 4xAA/16xAF and everything enabled.

We did not include CrossFire or SLI results as neither provided any improvement. This should change with updated drivers from both ATI and Nvidia as there are likely no profiles for this demo.

X3: Reunion Demo Results

Again, ATI’s latest X1900 series offers the best performance in this demo with the X1800XT matching the 7800GTX 512. We didn’t use higher resolutions because there are parts of the test that drop down under 25fps on even the X1900XTX.

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