ATI XGP (eXternal Graphics Platform) Radeon 5830 Demo At CES 2010

ATI’s XGP technology (eXternal Graphics Platform) is an external graphics solution for notebook PCs. ATI XGP is designed to deliver enthusiast-class graphics performance, true multimedia upgradeability and multiple connectivity options, revolutionizing GPU performance on a notebook PC equipped with an external PCI Express 2.0 connector. This video is of a demo system that they had setup at CES 2010 showing off Radeon 5830 graphics.

ATI XGP technology simple connectivity enables a number of different usage scenarios for The Ultimate Visual Experience. Enjoy multi-monitor support using standard display outputs or connect USB-based devices such as a TV tuner or a Blu-ray drive. With the integrated digital outputs you can view high-definition content on a variety of devices including HDMI with integrated audio and DVI3. Take advantage of ATI Avivo HD featuring AMD’s Unified Video Decoder (UVD) and place yourself in the center of all the action with smooth playback of full 1080p content. With ATI XGP technology you can experience superior graphics performance when plugged in or switch to energy-efficient integrated graphics when on-the-go, for extended battery life.

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