ATI X850 graphic card series revealed

The Inquirer shares some pre-launch info on ATI’s new X850 graphic cards. The cards will be based on ATI’s .13-micron R480 core, which the Inquirer claims is “optimised R423 silicon” and are designed strictly for PCIe. Fastest of the three X850 series the X850XT Platinum, will run a 540MHz core and 590MHz/1180MHz GDDR3 memory. The cards should begin saturating the market by January 2005. In a related story prices for the cards will range from $549 for the Platinum, $499 for the XT, and $399 for the Pro. Of the three, the latter will have 12-pipelines, while the XT and PE shall feature 16-pipelines.

“ATI will claim the X850 will have much better availability than the disastrously not available X800 XT PE AGP card. Let’s hope that it is right and bear in mind that the cards are PCIe only.”  The Inquirer

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