Asus X58 Rampage III Extreme Motherboard Preview

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Test Results

Asus Rampage III Extreme Results

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I’m not too surprised here considering how everyone has mentioned that the Rampage II Extreme is typically more efficient than the EVGA Classified in benchmarking. By this statement it would then make sense that the Rampage III Extreme would have a similarly massaged BIOS to make it as efficient as possible. Something important to note as I mentioned on the previous page was the varying RTL values on each reboot. Without even changing a setting I could reboot a dozen times and get a different combination of RTL values which can dramatically affect performance. The first value was typically 55, the second value between 56-58, and the third value between 58-60. I’m not sure how the board calculates which RTL value to set but it would be nice to be able to lock in a specific RTL. Hopefully by retail we’ll have an answer for this and results I can stand behind 100%. Until then take these results with a grain of salt. Sandra’s Memory test alone would fluctuate between 31GB/s and 28GB/s between boots which is roughly a 10% deviation. I’ll re-run the tests with the launch BIOS in the future.

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