Asus X58 Rampage III Extreme Motherboard Preview

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RC TweakIt and TurboV

Asus TurboV

Here is TurboV, the Asus bundled software for controlling voltages, frequencies, and monitoring voltages and temperatures in Windows. Compared to some of the other bundled software from competitors it isn’t half bad but there are definitely better options available like Eleet.

Asus PC Probe II

PC Probe II gives you a nice little sidebar so you can quickly glance over on your desktop for voltage and temperature information. Nice large text, nice colors, what else can I say.

Rampage III Extreme ROG Connect to Laptop

I said ROG Connect is the best thing since sliced bread and here is why. You get a bundled laptop! Awesome huh?! All jokes aside ROG Connect is indeed pretty sick. That white cable connects to the ROG Connection USB port on the board and the cable connects it to your laptop so you can do the following.

Asus RC TweakIt

Everything you could do with TurboV can be done with RC TweakIt. Since ROG Connect is a hardware solution regardless of what is going on with the Rampage III Extreme outside of a disaster you can adjust frequencies and voltages to your hearts content. This opens up another world of tweaking for benchmarks. Now what they need is a more stream-lined way to quickly load profiles with a few programmable buttons on the main screen.

Asus RC TweakIt RC Poster and RC Remote

I thought the lack of a POST reader on the board was a bit lame until I saw RC Poster and RC Remote. I sat there purposely rebooting the Rampage III Extreme just to watch it go through the POST process.

Asus RC TweakIt Diagram Power Analysis

Since I am a stats/numbers junkie I found RC Diagram to be incredible. I just have the CPU vcore and amp draw shown but you can monitor EVERYTHING. I however really like the amp draw, plan on looking at a few of these charts in the near future when I do the extreme overclocking review.

Asus RC TweakIt BIOS Flash Software

For those of you that don’t like flashing a BIOS from Windows there is RC BIOS Flashback which.. lets you flash the BIOS from another computer running Windows. The good news though is that in theory the computer running the flash application would be 100% stable. Time to buy an eeePC right?

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