Asus X48 Rampage Extreme Motherboard Review

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Purchasing a Rampage Extreme is no small matter. Weighing in around $400 per board, you are not just buying a standard board but buying a small piece of history. No, this is not a cheesy 3am infomercial on buying commemorative coins. The Rampage Extreme really is the best X48 board I’ve laid my hands on and quite possibly the best refined LGA775 board in existence.

Asus Rampage Extreme

Just firing up the Rampage Extreme can be a bit of a daunting task for the un-initiated. Because it’s so devoted towards overclocking, even glancing through the BIOS can be a bit overwhelming for those not used to all the settings available. However, fear not: keeping most things on auto will still work and the board will take care of everything. The performance on auto is top notch and it only gets better as you tweak things.

Asus Rampage Extreme

Aside from the simple act of operating as a motherboard, the Rampage Extreme looks like a work of art and could almost be a coffee table centerpiece. Factor in the incredible possibilities available with TweakIt, the discrete audio X-Fi solution, and the massive overclocking potential, it’s hard to not want the board. Once again though price becomes an issue; for $400 you can purchase a board and processor. If you are in the market for the best of the best though, the Rampage Extreme is it.

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Legit Bottomline: The ASUS Rampage Extreme is a “no expense spared” board. Definitely not appropriate for everyone but for those that need the best, look no further.

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