ASUS Wants To Sell 26% More Notebooks This Year

DigiTimes is reporting that ASUS has set a goal of shipping 24 million notebooks and 12 million tablets in 2013, an increase of 26.3% and 90.5% respectively from 2012. If ASUS can ship 36 million units in 2013, they will become second only to Apple in that market space. When it comes to the slowing desktop PC market, it appears that ASUS is lowering the number of motherboards it will be selling in 2013. ASUS hopes to ship 21.5-22.0 million motherboards in 2013, dropping by 0-2.3% from 2012.


Asustek said it shipped 19 million notebooks, 3.3 million Eee PCs (netbooks) and 6.3 million tablets in 2012, respectively increasing 29.3%, 13.8% and 250% from 2011.


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