ASUS UL50Vf Notebook Review – NVIDIA Optimus Takes the Stage

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Battery Life

To test the battery life, we let the computer sit at idle with no screensaver and measured the amount of time it took for it to go into standby mode. In order to get an idea of how long the battery would last under a work load, we played a movie in the same fashion. The results are shown in the graph below.

Battery Life Graph

Results:┬áHere we see the ASUS UL50Vf lasted 9 hours 47 minutes at idle. This was a little less than we expected after seeing the UL50Vt is advertised as lasting 12+ hours. To further explain the results, the UL80Vt did have the NVIDIA graphics turned on during its battery life test to playback the DVD. The UL50Vf’s Optimus technology did not kick on the GeForce G210m GPU during ordinary DVD playback, so that is how it lasted longer than the UL80Vt’s DVD playback test. We’ll cover more on this in the conclusion.

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