ASUS U30Jc Intel Core i3 350M Laptop Review

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Battery Performance

For battery testing, we set the Windows power profile to “Battery Saver.” The only noticeable difference that we found between it and “Balanced” was the brightness of the screen. With Balanced selected, there was about a 6% increase in battery use.

Internet Surfing consisted of browsing forums and general surfing with Firefox. It also included running Microsoft Word and Excel, doing general text entry.

Movie playback consisted of looped play back of AVATAR from the DVD Optical Drive

ASUS U30Jc Battery Life Test

Battery life during internet surfing and general use was excellent. It was great rarely needing a charge while trying to get some work done. For movie playback, we were able to easily watch all of AVATAR from DVD and about half way through it again before needing a charge. In our opinion this is fine battery performance.

Keep in mind that NVIDIA Optimus is helping out here by completely disabling the NVIDIA 310M graphics processor. Without Optimus you would see battery life quite a bit lower even when the discrete graphics is not in use.

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