ASUS Striker II NSE Motherboard Review

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Final Thoughts and Conclusion

asus striker II motherboard review

So, if the performance is so close between all the boards, we have to look at the overall picture of the board when compared to the others to find something that would compel us to choose it over the others.

The performance of the board really is good.  In all honesty, there is very little difference between anything new that is coming out.  Maybe a feature here or there, or maybe having 20 USB ports instead of 16, but really, performance wise, any newer board that you purchase is going to do whatever you need it to do. 

The layout of the board was just perfect.  There were no issues at all in the setup of the board. Even with the Fusion system, there is plenty of room to work on the board.  Nothing seemed cramped or crowded. 

Setup of the board was easy.  No issues at all, including flashing the BIOS.  It just went smoothly and allowed us to get to testing and working right away.

The bundle that comes with the Asus Striker II NSE is about as good as it gets.  In fact, it is such a good bundle that it stands out when compared to the other boards.  All the extras that Asus includes just make the end-user experience that much more enjoyable.  Are they all necessary?  No, but when comparing the boards in this review, it does make it stand out over the rest.  It is kind of like getting a job, you have to be able to do something or bring something that nobody else can so that you stand out above the crowd.  This bundle with the Striker II does that for the board.

Overclocking on this board was off the cuff!  Hard not to say that when it did better than any board we have overclocked on with this CPU.  I would like to see it do a little better when the multiplier is lowered, but hey, it is hard to complain! 

The price of the board is equivalent to the X48 boards that we have looked at so far.  But that does not mean you will like it.  The lowest price we could find in our pricing search was right at $358 plus shipping.  That is a huge investment.  Is it worth it?  Well, it certainly has a better bundle than the other boards here, so price-wise, you do get more for your hard earned dollars.  You also get the full version of a DX10 game, which just makes it even more tempting for some.  Over all, spending over $200 is still a hard pill to swallow for most, and over $300 for the enthusiast is pretty steep.  Then again this is motherboard is aimed at the market where price doesn’t matter and features do.  If you want to run an NVIDIA 790i SLI chipset and love ASUS motherboards then the Asus Striker II NSE motherboard is right for you.

Editor's Choice Award

Legit Bottom Line:  I have always liked NVIDIA chipsets.  I love the flexibility they offer.  I love the overclocking ability that usually comes with them.  This is a great board for any enthusiast who has the cash to burn.  You will not be disappointed!

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