ASUS Shows You Inside The ROG Poseidon Graphics Card

The ASUS Poseidon concept card first shown off at Computex 2013, but was redesigned over the course of 6 months to improve the performance and design. The new design uses a DirectCU II GPU cooler with twin 90mm dust-proof fans and a heatsink that has move aluminum fins in the array and much thicker heatpipes. This card is available now and sold under part number ROG POSEIDON-GTX780-P-3GD5 and features a base clock of 954MHz with a boost clock of 1006MHz.

ASUS ROG Poseidon Explode

One of the really neat things about Poseidon’s DirectCU H2O is a hybrid cooler: it can be either air or water cooled at any time, so if you do change your cooling setup you don’t have to add to the expense of an upgrade, or, void your warranty replacing the cooler. ASUS says that if you hook up the Poseidon to a water cooling loop that GPU temperatures drop by up to 24C. This drop of course depends on factors like radiator size, other components in the cooling loop and the ambient air temperature.


The ASUS ROG Poseidon GTX 780 is available now and the ASUS ROG Poseidon GTX 770 is coming out in February 2014.

  • lannister

    Each memory partition utilizes one memory controller on the respective GPU, Titan has a total board memory of 6 GB and that’s 24 pieces of 64M × 16 GDDR5, en attendant prochain galaxy note 3 & galaxy note 2.

  • basroil

    Now comes the million dollar question: Can you fill it with liquid but not connect it to a pump to have high heat capacity air cooling?

    • Ronnie

      Hmm… I failed to understand your question my friend, what do you mean fill it with liquid without using a pump? then how it’s going to be cooled? cuz I guess you know it needs to push the water through the radiator/pump/reservoir in order to cycle the water to cool the GPU and the rest components? or maybe I’m missing your point, anyways I couldn’t understand your question.

      • siwy

        He wanted to put liquid into the system and leave it inside without pump and maybe cool it by fans.

        • mattataki

          I think you are right but basroil’s idea is useless. Having water sitting there is making it worse than having air in it. But I guess it’s feasible though, You will need two tube end caps. Or you could put a non-return valve on one end while the other is capped and feed it water through the valve. You should not buy this card if you do not intend to have a pump/reservoir/radiator in your system.

        • stefan buddle

          Vapor chamber…

        • Cannyone

          Actually air is a better insulator than water. But it still wouldn’t make much of a difference. Other than to make the total weight of the card increase. Simple fact is that unless one pumps water through that loop the water would only absorb so much heat then stop providing any benefit.

      • Guest

        it’s pointless to have a liquid in there without having it to move.. the idea of liquid cooling acts as heat exchanger, that’s why you also need a radiator. the cool water moves in and comes out hot and then cooled again on the radiator to go back to the GPU/CPU, hence the need of a pump., you will only build slime or corrode the pipes if water becomes stagnant resulting to damage.

        • Ronnie

          yeah… it’s all fine, but why are you telling all this to me? lol I think I was stating exact the same thing as you?