ASUS Shows You Inside The ROG Poseidon Graphics Card

The ASUS Poseidon concept card first shown off at Computex 2013, but was redesigned over the course of 6 months to improve the performance and design. The new design uses a DirectCU II GPU cooler with twin 90mm dust-proof fans and a heatsink that has move aluminum fins in the array and much thicker heatpipes. This card is available now and sold under part number ROG POSEIDON-GTX780-P-3GD5 and features a base clock of 954MHz with a boost clock of 1006MHz.

ASUS ROG Poseidon Explode

One of the really neat things about Poseidon’s DirectCU H2O is a hybrid cooler: it can be either air or water cooled at any time, so if you do change your cooling setup you don’t have to add to the expense of an upgrade, or, void your warranty replacing the cooler. ASUS says that if you hook up the Poseidon to a water cooling loop that GPU temperatures drop by up to 24C. This drop of course depends on factors like radiator size, other components in the cooling loop and the ambient air temperature.


The ASUS ROG Poseidon GTX 780 is available now and the ASUS ROG Poseidon GTX 770 is coming out in February 2014.