ASUS Shows Demo of New CoolTech Fan – Blows Mad Rice

When ASUS announced the GeForce GTX 670 DirectCU Mini video card they also introduced the companies new CoolTech Fan technology. ASUS designed a special fan for this video card that is considered a radial blower/axial crossover. ASUS says that its inclusion translates into wide-angle and powerful airflow that keeps vital video card components cool, with heat vented through the back and top of the card. It also provides three times quieter operation, all within a limited space.

ASUS CoolTech Fan Technology

ASUS has a demo video of their new CoolTech fan that is worth taking a look at as it is rather interesting. The ASUS CoolTech fan has two types of blades on it to better keep things cool. The inner set of blades act as a radial blower and the outer curved blades are for downward and outward airflow. Check out how much rice this fan can blow in the demo video below.


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