ASUS ROG Xpander Runs NVIDIA 4-Way SLI on Rampage III Extreme Motherbaords

ASUS is always finding innovative fixes to the problems enthusiasts are having and today is no exception. Late last night ASUS started posting up pictures and showing off what they call the ROG Xpander for the ASUS Rampage III Extreme motherboard. This looks to be a riser card that plugs into the boards PCI Express x16 slots and adds support for 4 way SLI thanks to having an NVIDIA NF200 chip on-board. This will be a must for those that want to run 4-way SLI. The market for this will not be that large, but it is something to talk about that is awesome!

ASUS ROG Xpander

The ASUS ROG Xpander is used to run 4 way SLI on the Rampage III Extreme. WHY does the Rampage III Extreme not support 4 way SLI you ask? Well to run 4 way SLI, you are required to use 2 Nvidia NF200 chips, which would make the board about $100 more expensive. 99% of the users out there do not even use 4 way SLI. For single ->TRI SLI users, having a NF200 CHIP can reduce your performance. THUS why we decide to make the Rampage III Extreme Cheaper and FASTER! For the 1% out there that need 4 way SLI to overclock, the Xpander is a win win solution! This will not fit in a standard case. Unless you are a case modder and plan to make a case for it, it is targeted for extreme overclockers and benchers.


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