ASUS ROG MARS III Dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 Spotted At Computex

ASUS doesn’t like to settle for anything less then being the best and it shows with their ROG MARS III Dual GTX 680, which was spotted at Computex. While there are few differences when it comes to the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 between various vendors, the MARS III looks to change that by using two overclocked GTX 680 GPUs. The cooler ASUS will be using is a dual-slot design instead of the triple-slot DirectCu II design seen on previous graphics cards and comes decked out in the usual red and black trim that is synonymous with the Republic of Gamers brand. The cooler will use a triple fan design and makes use of multiple heatpipes transferring heat to an aluminum fin array. The graphics card will make use of three 8-pin PCIe power connectors which will offer up to 525W of potential power draw along with a little red button to force 100% fan speed when overclocking. Display connectivity consists of three DVI and one DisplayPort. While the ASUS ROG MARS III looks to be an amazing graphics card with impressive performance, it will most likely be elusive and hard to find just as previous MARS and ARES graphics cards that came before it. More images can be found at the source.



The project manager on-site told us that the board we are seeing is still an early engineering sample and that they will still be making some tweaks to its PCB and cooler design before shipping sometime later this year. Since its predecessor MARS II (dual GTX 580) was one of the most expensive and elusive cards ever, we won’t be too surprised if the MARS III follows suit.


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