ASUS Rampage III Extreme Intel X58 Motherboard Review

Chris takes the ASUS ROG branded Rampage III Extreme for a nice little joy ride using liquid nitrogen on his Intel Core i7 980x and dry ice on his memory! Read on to see how this extremely powerful motherboard handled the extremely cold temperatures!

ASUS Rampage III Extreme Intel X58 Motherboard

Like all Rampage Extremes of the past, the Rampage III Extreme is no different in that it brings premium performance to the table. Complete with an overbuilt CPU and QPI PWM, high throughput connectivity like USB3/SATA6, a dedicated 1GbE Intel NIC, and a mountain of software support, the Rampage III Extreme feels like a Rampage II Extreme on steroids. Now with that 30 second elevator speech out of the way let’s take a closer look at what you actually receive when purchasing a Rampage III Extreme.

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