ASUS Maximus III Extreme LGA 1156 Motherboard Review

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Test Configuration

Asus Maximus III Extreme

Today’s testing is the last round of testing with this particular P55 configuration. Windows 7 Professional x64 with the Catalyst 10.3 drivers were used. For the Core i7 860 the memory was run at DDR3-2000 7-8-7-21-1T while the Core i5 670 was run at DDR3-1660 7-7-7-21-1T. It is important to note that the Core i7 860 had a QPI speed of ~3GHz while the Core i5 670 had a QPI speed of ~4GHz. This was done to help offset the slower memory speeds of the 670 as it doesn’t feature a 2:12 memory divider.

Intel P55 Test Platform



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Intel Core i5 670


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Corsair Dominator GT DDR3-2000 C7 2x2GB

Video Card

Asus HD 4890 1GB

Hard Drive

Seagate 7200.10 320GB


Dimastech Bench Table Hard V2


Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus

Power Supply

Corsair HX1000

Operating System

Windows 7 Professional x64

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