ASUS Lion Square CPU Cooler Review

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Results Continued and Conclusion

overclocked Intel Q6600 idle temps with ASUS Lion Square

With our test system now idling overclocked to 3.0Ghz the Lion Square looks to have fallen back in the pack but is still only a 1.5 off from the NV-120. At 34*C it is 14.5 degrees cooler than the stock Intel HSF.

overclocked Intel Q6600 load temps with ASUS Lion Square

Under full load the Lion Square cooled our Q6600 quad core to 48.25*C — only 3.5 degrees warmer than our current temp champ the NH-U12P from Noctua, and 2.75 off the NV-120 Nirvana.


ASUS Lion Square soft LED glow

The ASUS Lion Square could be considered a high end air cooler as it carries an average street price of $58. For this price you get a very sharp looking cooler that even has a little history behind the design. The Lion Square is not too over the top in the looks department, just sharp looking enough to get the job done and not be gaudy in the process. The cooler also did quite well in our testing, staying within 1-2 degrees of our current price/performance leader the NV-120 Nirvana.

The Lion Square is by no means the heaviest cooler we have had on our test bench, but at 730g it’s up there. The fan can also be an issue for those with open style cases when it comes to noise. With the system under load and the fan peaking at its full RPM, it is definitely not running at 16dBA. Since the fan is PWM controlled it doesn’t run full speed for long, but you will know it when it happens.

Overall, the ASUS Lion Square is a solid product and while it does not break any cooling records it does get two thumbs up from the crew here at Legit Reviews.

Bottom Line: ASUS has built a good performing, classy looking cooler that has nice story behind the design with the Lion Square.

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