ASUS GeForce GTX 560 DirectCU II TOP Video Card Review

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FurMark 1.8.5 & 1.9.1

FurMark 1.8.5:
FurMark 1.8.5 screen
FurMark is an OpenGL-based GPU stress test utility (also called GPU burn-in test). It makes it possible to push the GPU to the max in order to test the stability of the graphics card (and the PSU too!) leading to maximal GPU and VRM temperatures. That’s why FurMark is often used by overclockers and graphics cards fanatics to validate an overclocking, to test a new VGA cooler or to check the max power consumption of a video card.  

FurMark 1.8.5 settings

FurMark 1.8.5 results

FurMark 1.8.5 graph
FurMark 1.8.5 FPS
FurMark 1.9.1:
FurMark 1.9.1 Screen
FurMark 1.8.x has been out for awhile and was starting to fall behind with all the new horsepower from the latest round of graphics cards.   FurMark 1.9.1 adds a dynamic background instead of an static image the graphics workload is heavier than in FurMark 1.8.2 to follow the GPU power processing of recent graphics cards. For example, a GTX 480 has a score of 6478 points (108FPS) in FurMark 1.8.2 in 1920×1080 while in FurMark 1.9.0 the score of the same card is only 1769 points (29FPS).
FurMark 1.9.1 settings
FurMark1.9.1 results
FurMark Score
FurMark 1.9.1 FPS
You can clearly see that this new version of FurMark really stresses the cards with frame rates dropping to as low as 7 FPS at the higher resolutions.
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