ASUS GeForce GTX 470 ENGTX470 Video Card Review

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Retail Box and Bundle

ASUS GeForce ENGTX470 Video Card Retail Box Front

The retail box for the ASUS ENGTX470 lists the main features that the card comes with and that the card utilizes their Voltage Tweak technology for improved overclocking. ASUS claims that their exclusive Voltage Tweak technology is good for up to a 50% performance increase! We’ll have to put that to the test in the overclocking section!

ASUS GeForce ENGTX470 Video Card Retail Box Back

Turning the retail box over, we see even more marketing text in a couple different languages. The ASUS ENGTX470 retail box isn’t lacking any text, so let’s take a peek inside.

ASUS GeForce ENGTX470 Video Card Retail Box Inside

When you open the box the presentation and quality of the packing is next to none!  ASUS spent a ton of time and thought on the presentation of their product and it really shows.

ASUS ENGTX470 Retail Bundle

The ASUS ENGTX470 bundle included with the ENGTX470/2DI/1280MD5 graphics card includes a pair of DVI-to-VGA and DVI-to-HDMI adapters, a quick installation guide, a dual 4-pin molex to single 6-pin PCIe power adapter, a drivers CD and the multi-language manual CD .

ASUS ENGTX470 Retail Bundle

When you fired up the driver CD that comes with the card you’ll see this GUI that allows you to check out the user manual and install the drivers and utilities if needed.

ASUS ENGTX470 Retail Bundle

Taking a closer look at the utility section of the VGA driver disc we can see that it also comes with two utilities and two demos that might come in handy.

  • ASUS GamerOSD – Overclock during gameplay
  • ASUS SmartDoctor – Overclocking and Intelligent Hardware Protection Tool
  • DesignGarage – Interactive ray tracing demo for the GeForce GTX 400 series only
  • SupersonicSled – Microsoft DirectX 11 technology demo for the GTX 400 series only

The one that we are highly interested in for this review is the ASUS SmartDoctor utility as that will allow us to adjust the card’s voltages and to overclock it to the max!

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