ASUS G73Jh DX11 Gaming Notebook Review – ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870

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Geekbench, Sandra Memory Bandwidth and HD Tune


Geekbench 2 is designed as a powerful program which can allow you to measure the performance of your computer’s processor and memory. In addition, Geekbench also offers the Geekbench Result Browser which lets you compare your Geekbench scores with other Geekbench users.

Geekbench Graph

Result: Once again we see the hardware in our Clevo system out-performs the ASUS G73Jh overall, but comparing the G73Jh to previous ASUS retain notebooks shows the price vs. performance is scaling as expected.

Sandra Memory Bandwidth

Sandra 2009 Graph

Results: With 8 GB of DDR3 667 MHz memory onboard, the memory bandwidth of the ASUS G73Jh is over 3 times more than we have previously seen on a retail mobile system!

HD Tune

HDTune is a free benchmark that measures the disk’s transfer rates, access time, burst rate, and CPU utilization when reading from the disk.


Results: Here we see the Seagate Momentus 7200.4 500 GB hard drive that came with our ASUS G73Jh performes quite well. With over 100 MB/s transfer rates on the outer bands of the hard drive, the ASUS G73Jh will not dissapoint. It would be great to have a pair of these in RAID-0 for performance so long as you do not depend on the system for reliable storage in the event of a drive failure.

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