ASUS EN9600GT TOP Video Card Review

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With a factory clock of 720MHz we cannot expect too much of an overclock without volt modding the card, which is beyond the scope of this article. We fired up the EVGA Precision Overclocking tool and paired it up with ATI Tool to load the card while we tested for the highest overclock.

Asus 9600 GT TOP

We were able to reach 740MHz, a 20MHz boost on the core, with complete stability and 1040MHz on the memory, a 140MHz increase. While they are not big numbers it is easily attained and the heat sink has no problems handling the heat whatsoever.

Overclocked tests:

How does the card perform in real life games after the higher clocks?

Call of Duty 4:

Call of Duty 4 v1.51 Benchmark Results

In call of Duty 4 we see a mild boost of just over 2fps, which is something that I would doubt to be noticeable.


Call of Duty 4 v1.51 Benchmark Results


And in STALKER we see a similar increase of just over 3fps. Since it’s already outputting 70+fps there isn’t much to write home about the overclock on this card. If you were to get into volt modding however you would probably get some incredible gains with this heatsink!

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