ASRock X58 SuperComputer Motherboard Review

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Final Thoughts and Conclusion

ASRock X58 SuperComputer review

The ASRock X58 SuperComputer Motherboard is a board built on the flagship and great performing X58 chipset from Intel.  ASRock did a fantastic job with this board!  Let’s get the run down.

Performance on this board was fantastic, especially when considering the scores we see are at lower DDR3 frequencies than the similarly equipped Intel DX58SO board. This board also sports ASRock’s Instant Boot technology which enables the user to speed up their boot times to as little as 4 seconds!

The layout and setup of the board were just fine.  No complaints at all, other than the minor nuisance of the front panel connection pins being located at the top right of the board.  That will possibly make wire placement a bit tricky in some cases.

The bundle was really good for a board with the capabilities it has.  With its price, it might have been nice to have a few other extras thrown in.

Pricing for the board was kind of a shock.  The ASRock boards usually run a bit lower than most of the other boards in the same category.  But at the time of this writing, the board retails for between $300 and $340, which is at the upper end of the price range for the X58 boards.  There are several other boards from 1st tier companies that that are priced lower than this board including the Intel board we ran the ASRock against in this article. That should at least make you stop and take a look at some other offerings out there. 

Overclocking on this board was one of the most fun experiences we have had in a long time!  The Core i7 experience is just fantastic, and this board overclocked to a level that I did not expect. It was pretty easy to overclock, as it either worked or blue-screened!   

Legit Bottom Line: The ASRock X58 SuperComputer was a fantastic performer, had great overclocking potential, and had a decent bundle.  ASRock produced a board that rivals most of the other leading manufacturers out there.  The only hold up for the board may be the price once you compare it to some of the other offerings out there.

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