ASRock Conroe 1333-DVI/H Motherboard Review

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Final Thoughts And Conclusion

Asrock has given us a board in mATX form factor that while not flashy, will certainly fit the bill when it comes to meeting our HTPC or budget computing needs. The ASRock ConRoe 1333-DVI/H can be had for as little as $80 at the time of this article was written, so this board won’t break the bank!

The layout of the board is mediocre at best.  I am sure it is hard to design such a small board and not have some type of issue with placement, but I cannot see any reason why you would need to put the 20-pin power connector in the center of the board.  Everything else was placed OK, and should not give a builder any problems.

Performance of the board was, well, interesting.  I was actually surprised by the results that we saw.  The board kept up pretty well with some real power-house motherboards, and it did it while running at only ddr667 compared to the ddr800 that all the other boards were running at.  It was obviously not setting any records, but it did nip at the heels of everything else we had represented here.

Overclocking is not really worth mentioning, other than to say that with this board, you can get just a little bit extra performance.

Legit Bottom Line:  This board will be perfect for an email and web browsing station for the wife and kids.  It will also be a great board to build that HTPC around.  But if you are a gamer or hard core enthusiast and overclocker, the performance and abilities of this board will not impress you, in fact this one is not built for you. 

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