ASRock Conroe 1333-DVI/H Motherboard Review

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Overclocking Results

With the results that we have seen so far, and with the catagory that this board would fall in to, we did not have real high hopes for this board as we started out.  Not that we thought that this was necessarily a bad thing, but this board is not marketed to gamers, tweakers or overclockers, so anything extra that you get really is just a plus for a board in the budget and HTPC catagory.  So, we cranked things up, and this is what we came up with…

Yup, 300fsb.  Not a bad little increase for this type of board.  It certainly does not measure up to some of the other boards that are built for enthusiast.  We have been seeing consistant overclocks  over 400fsb with the default 9x multiplier on this CPU.  But, an HTPC running a Conroe at 2.7ghz should be just fine for your needs!

By the way, lowering the multiplier did absolutely nothing for our overclocking on this board.

Stick a fork in it, were done!

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