ARCTIC Launches Accelero Hybrid GPU Cooler – Both Air & Water Cooling!

ARCTIC issued a press release this morning saying that they have developed the first integrated air and liquid VGA cooler in the market – the Accelero Hybrid. We aren’t sure ARCTIC is the first to come up with a GPU cooler like this for video cards. ARCTIC might be the first to offer a universal DIY GPU cooler, but we reviewed an ECS GeForce 9800 GTX+ video card back in 2008 that used a hybrid cooler similar to this! According to ARCTIC, it offers an all-in-one solution with 200% cooling performance and 9 times quieter than the stock cooler. While existing VGA Liquid Cooling Solutions (LCS) are restricted to a specific graphics card, this cooler is compatible to a vast range of NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards. The Accelero Hybrid comes backed by a 2-year warranty and has an SRP of $179.99 or 135.67 EUR, excluding VAT.

ARCTIC Accelero Hybrid

The copper cold plate on the pump is ideal for excellent thermal conductivity. Its 120 mm PWM fan (F12) also compliments the cooling performance of the heat exchanger. With four different airflow directions possible, you can install the 120 mm PWM fan accordingly to improve the overall cooling efficiency. The closed loop liquid system is maintenance-free and offers nearly effortless installation. With its aerodynamically-designed Active Cooling Unit and comprehensive set of RAM and VR heatsinks, the airflow and heat dissipation efficiency is simply maximized. Surprisingly, it has a minimum weight of only 363 grams so your graphics card is unburdened.


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