Apple Store Allows 3rd Gen iPad Swap for New Model Within 30 Days

Apple customers feeling buyer’s remorse at having recently bought the expensive third gen iPad when the latest fourth gen one has just come out may be in luck. It turns out that the Apple store in Stockton Street, San Francisco is extending its usual 14 day money back satisfaction guarantee to 30 days. The store will exchange any third gen iPad as long as it doesn’t show “significant” signs of wear and tear. It’s not clear yet if other stores will be doing the same. No doubt there are going to be some relative “bargains” of third gen iPads around soon – not that they will actually be cheap, of course, simply not quite as reassuringly expensive.

Apple customers like Roger Cheng have (until now) slept soundly knowing that any Apple product purchased is the “latest and greatest” for at least one year. Today, Apple killed that notion.


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