Apple Putting More Emphasis On 4K

Today, Apple launched a new beta build of OSX 10.9.3. Apple is asking developers to put an emphasis in several key areas, one of which being 4K support and performance. In 10.9.2, Apple had a bit of a slip, with the Windows driver for the GPUs being capable of reaching 60Hz 4K but suffering a drop in frames in the native operating system.

4K iMac

With the price of 4K panels dropping into the realm of the reasonable and Apple being the tech leader it prides itself on, it’s possible that we could be seeing a slim iMac refresh capable of 4K in the near future. The line’s last 27″ model, having been launched in late 2012, has a maximum resolution of 2560×1440. 

  • Ed

    very smart move, all media production is moving in that direction and most desktop users will want also, I just wish out of the gate 4K monitors and video gpus could push and support 120HZ 4K, we all want at least 120HZ and only 1080p, more years of waiting, just wish the industry would have started the baseline at 120HZ HELLO APPLE, ill dump my PC habits forever if you made that move.

    • Ben Young

      I really think it’s only a matter of time. Give it a couple years and it’ll be the standard of top-tier boxed computers.

      • Ed

        Ben take no offence, but your pointing out the obvious and doing so does no good. my point is it would be better to have now or next year, not in a couple or a few years away, everything gets done that way for marketing longevity. Its time for a change in quality time release, to make market segments move they need to shorten time to market with higher quality. Give people what we need want and expect, its 2014 and they plan on releasing 60Hz? give me a break, that’s stupid.