Apple iPhone 5 Panorama App Vibrates Itself In Circles!

Cycloramic, an app released last week, takes hands-free panoramic video to the next level by uses the phone vibrate feature. by using the phone’s internal sensors. As the phone revolves around in a circle the app records a 360-degree view!


The $0.99 app has nothing that needs to be setup and is simple to use. You just need to set your iPhone upright and on a smooth, clear surface such as glass or granite. Press the camera icon on the bottom left to switch the iPhone’s camera from front- to rear-facing or vice-versa. Choose from one, two or three revolutions, and then press “Go.”  The app will make the iPhone 5 vibrate in such a way as to turn the upright device in a full circle! No sound is recorded, so no need to worry about the vibration ruining the audio. You can see a video of it in action below. How about that for an easy hands-free way to take 360-degree video! 

To use the Cycloramic app:

  • SET YOUR PHONE TO ‘Vibrate on Silent’ AND ‘Vibrate on Ring’ OR THE PHONE WILL NOT ROTATE. (Settings-Sounds-Vibrate menu)
  • Remove any phone cover or protection.
  • Place iPhone 5 in upright position on smooth, level surface
  • Surfaces such as glass, marble or polished wood are ideal
  • Hit “Go” and the panoramic shooting begins!

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