Apple iPhone 4 Unboxing One Day Early!

Well its that time of year, Apple’s latest release in the iPhone 4 has become public and is already shipping some of its pre-orders! Check out the full article to see whats new in the latest iPhone and see the resolution of its display and camera!

Apple iPhone 4 Retail Box

Apple and AT&T must have realized that wait to deliver their customers iPhone 4’s on launch day would going to cause an activation nightmare and as such has allowed shipping companies to deliver them as they arrive. There is also speculation that FedEx just wouldn’t be able to handle the volume of deliveries all on the 24th. We were lucky enough to get one this afternoon, so we figured the least that we could do is give you a sneak peak at our Apple iPhone 4 32GB black that we pre-ordered. If you pre-ordered you will likely get it a day or two early as well.


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