AOpen AX4SG Max I865G Motherboard

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Memory Stability Results:

The screen
shot shown above shows our max memory speed of DDR 446. Now I know the
picture shows the FSB speed to be 224, which should be DDR 448, but the
number for the FSB speed we entered in the BIOS was 223.

We found that the memory speed in MHz of our AX4SG Max “Springdale”
motherboard was able to go higher than our AX4C Max “Canterwood”
motherboard. Another thing that we found interesting in these two AOpen
motherboards was the fact that we were able to overclock the memory to
the same max whether we had RAM in 2 banks or 4 banks. In the past we
have always found that adding more memory sticks decreases your max overclock,
but it is not the case with these two motherboards.

I will show you how stable the front side bus is when it is overclocked.

FSB Stability Results:

The screen
shot above shows our max overclock on the front side bus. We had the multiplier
of our unlocked Intel 3.0C ES processor to 12 and cranked the FSB to 265
( x 4 ) = 1060 QDR!! This is awesome considering this is the “Springdale”
chipset here!

The chart above shows our “Springdale” motherboard reaching
265MHz (1060 QDR) and the “Canterwood” motherboard reaching
285MHz (1140 QDR). This shows that the “Canterwood” chipset
is more stable when put under overclocking conditions.

Now that
you have seen how this motherboard performs, I will give my conclusion.

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