AOpen 915-chipset Pentium-M motherboard

AOpen, always willing to go where no other mobo maker has gone before such as they did in 2002 with their 845-chipset based AX4B-533Tube motherboard which featured vaccum tube on-board sound with audiophile grade wiring and cap’s. Then in 2004 AOpen was the first to introduce a desktop board capable of supporting Intel’s Pentium-M CPU, coveted by overclocking enthusiast’s.

Originally made for Notebooks the processor based on Intel’s Dothan core was arguably a better design execution then Intel’s recent offering’s. AOpen’s 1st Socket-479 i855GEm-LFS was well recieved yet had limited overclocking (BIOS) options. AOpen went back to the board (no pun intended) and released the 915GM Alviso which was first spotted at MyCOM PCWEB. Although the 915 chipset leaves much to be desired, the board supports both DDR/DDR2 and PCI-ex 16x. Good news for Pentium (Dothan) devotees.



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