Antec Sonata Series Solo II Mid Tower Case Review

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Looking closer at the Antec Solo II

Antec Solo II front side

The Solo II exterior is pretty plain compared to the Dark Fleet series, but that is the point. It is a classy looking case with simple clean looks that doesn’t stand up and yell “look at me” at the top of its lungs.

Antec Solo II front

The Solo II has a very nice surface finish to it, mirror like. To be honest, it made it a real pain to take images of, but it looks very nice. The front bezel is made of anodized aluminum. At the top are the two external 5.25″ drive bays. Center left is the activity LED. Down the right side are the front I/O ports and switches.

Antec Solo II front I/O

Going from top to bottom: Power, Reset, Audio, USB3, and USB2.

Antec Solo II front vent

Down each side of the front bezel are ventilation slots for the front intake.

Antec Solo II back side

The side panels are blank with a very nice piano black finish.

Antec Solo II rear

Looking at the back of the Solo II it has an old school layout with the power supply at the top. In the middle is the rear 120mm exhaust, and at the bottom the 7 expansion slots.

Antec Solo II fan switch

Just below and to the right of the fan is the high/low switch.

Antec Solo II fan mount

Also, the rear fan is not attached to the case with screws, but with rubber isolators to reduce noise.

Antec Solo II top

Looking at the top it’s pretty blank, as well. The only feature is the top vent for the power supply fan.

Antec Solo II feet

On the bottom the Solo II are 4 white silicon case feet. These are nice for sound and vibration absorbing and also for not allowing the case to slide around.

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