Antec Six Hundred V2 PC Case Review

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Conclusion & Final Thoughts on the Antec 600 v2

Antec 600 v2 Gaming Case Final Build

In my PC building career I’ve used plenty of Antec cases. The Performance One series from them is my favorite. A few years back Antec released the Gaming Series of cases and they undoubtedly had their charm to them. They were well built cases that offered plenty of airflow for even high end systems. We at Legit Reviews have definitely explored these cases before by looking at the Antec 900, 902, & 1200 in the past.

Antec came to us today with the 600 v2; a slight redesign of their Gaming Series 600 cases. To be frank, this case is just out dated in terms of design. It is surrounded by a lot of marketing but does not actually bring a lot to the table.  I cannot stress enough the need to redesign these cases for modern systems.

When you look at cases that are priced around $95.41 like this case is, you cannot help but think this Antec just does not have what it takes to compete and in my opinion that statement is very true. Antec does offer a 3 year warranty which is much better than what many case manufacturers offer but the overall design does not justify the cost of the case when you get down to it.

If I were to offer some advice to Antec it would be to include a black interior, some cable management holes, and widen the CPU backplate hole. These all sound like minor complaints, but they can make or break a system when you are building in it. First impressions, especially on a budget product, are important. Any new buyers that are looking at a case and have trouble building in the one they get are not likely to recommend that case or the brand to others.

Legit Bottom Line: Antec’s Six Hundred v2 offers the airflow to cool a modern system, with quiet operations to boot. It is based on an old design that needs a serious update to compete well in today’s market.

Antec 600 v2 Gaming Case Top Window

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