Antec Six Hundred V2 PC Case Review

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Unboxing The Antec 600 v2 Case (Exterior Details)

Antec 600 v2 Gaming Case Top Window

Here’s that “moon roof” detailed by Antec. It’s a smoked polycarbonate material that is semi-transparent. To be honest, while this is an interesting feature, if you have a DVD drive or something installed in the top slot you will not really be able to make use of this feature to see into your case.

Antec 600 v2 Gaming Case Front Panel Controls

Here are the front controls for the case. The large button is the power button and the small button is the reset button. This is not detailed on the case and I would like to see Antec change this. It is also impossible to distinguish the headphone from microphone jack. This is a serious problem as plugging the headphones into the mic jack could give you serious feedback into your ears that would be greatly annoying. The small pinhole you also see is the HDD activity LED. The Power On LED is encircling the power button.

Antec 600 v2 Gaming Case Front USB

Here are the front USB 2.0 ports; while the third port on the far left looks semi-crooked it was still easy to plug a device into so I would not worry about that.

Antec 600 v2 Gaming Case Top 200mm LED Fan On

Here is our top mounted 200mm Tri-Cool fan spinning on high with the LED’s on. Subjectively right now I can say that the fan at full speed is not loud, although it also does not feel like it’s pushing a lot of air. We will test its airflow and noise level later on. The LEDs for this fan were not bright and give that nice spiral arm effect on the fan blades. Personally, I am not a fan of LEDs but these were not obtuse nor did they annoy me while on. Even in a darker room the LEDs were not blinding to the eyes. So that is a good thing to note.

Antec 600 v2 Gaming Case Rear TwoCool 120mm Fan LED On

Here is the rear mounted TwoCool fan with the LED’s on as well. These LEDs were no brighter than the top 200mm though they did not produce the same “spiral arm” effect we saw above. This isn’t bad, though, as it’s the rear of the case so not something you’re going to look at terribly often.

At a close distance to the fan, I heard a slight hiss from it. This is because of the rear fan grill though it shouldn’t be noticeable to most people in any normal room as at an ambient noise level of 25dB(A) I did not hear it.

Antec 600 v2 Gaming Case Rear Holes

Here are some rear holes of the Antec 600 v2 along with the PCI slots. Both need to be punched out which I don’t like to see. That means after you punch out the back PCI slot you have to buy PCI slot covers. The cheaper Antec 300 came with PCI slot covers when it originally came out. This honestly feels like a step back in case design. The holes are a positive, though; if you add a grommet you will still be able to fit 1/2″ water cooling tubes through the back of this case, making it easy to set up an exterior loop.

Antec 600 v2 Gaming Case Rear Controls

These are the rear controls for the included fans. The top fan has a Low-Medium-High switch for the fan speed, as well as an LED on and off switch. The rear fan, even though it’s listed as a Two-Cool, has a Low-Medium-High setting. The LED for the rear fan is always on.

Antec 600 v2 Gaming Case Antec Logo

Here’s the Antec logo on the bottom of the case. It’s classy, in my opinion. Unlike some designs it’s not illuminated, only slightly reflective, and it doesn’t take up an obtuse amount of space. Simple and clean; just the way I like.

Let’s move on and dig into this case to see what the insides are like.

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