Antec Six Hundred V2 PC Case Review

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Unboxing The Antec 600 v2 Case

Antec 600 v2 Gaming Case Packaging

Here’s our Antec Six Hundred v2 in its packaging straight out of the box. Everything was pretty basic with getting this case out; I cut some plastic on the top with an X-acto knife then slid it out. Not terribly hard at all. As we can see, this case is encased on two sides by thick foam. It’s pretty snug on there but not too hard to get off. There’s also a plastic bag around it to prevent the case from getting scratches.

Antec 600 v2 Gaming Case Side

Here’s the side of the Antec 600 v2; the window had a thin protective layer over it but that was removed for the photograph. On the inside we can see the instruction manual lying down in there along with a 4pin molex connector dangling for one of the fans. Through the window the case looks pretty basic on the inside but the window is large so if you want to show off your rig it’s easily done.

Antec 600 v2 Gaming Case Side 2

Here’s the back side of the case. It has a flat matte paint job that fits well for its overall look. It doesn’t scratch easily. It is also fairly thick and sturdy. There is very little flex when you take it off.

Antec 600 v2 Gaming Case Front

Here’s what the front of the 600 v2 looks like, with a nice little stylish Antec logo placed in the bottom corner. We can also see the SATA 2.5″ Hot-swap bay talked about earlier along with the perforated front grill for the increased airflow.

Let’s move on and get some close up shots of this case and its features.

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