Antec P190 Black Mid Tower Case Review

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The Lower Chamber

Antec P190 Lower Chamber

Moving on to the lower half of the case we have the PSU chamber, yet another fan and the secondary drive cage.

Antec P190 Lower Drive Cage

The lower drive cage is set up so you can mount up to 6 drives vertically, but unlike the top drive cage there is no room in front of the cage for a fan. So only the middle fan will be providing the air flow for these drives.

Antec P190 PSU Noise Reduction Strips

With one of the PSUs removed we can see yet more sound reducing steps from Antec. Above and below the PSU housings to keep the vibrations down they have placed two silicon strips the full width of the case.

Antec P190

Here we have the last fan in the case, the lower 120mm fan. This fan like all the others has a 3 speed switch and a molex connector, but like the door panel fan can not be externaly controlled like the top and rear fans.

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