Antec P190 Black Mid Tower Case Review

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Inside the P190

Antec P190 Upper Fans

Looking inside the P190 we can see the dual chamber layout with the PSU’s separated from the rest of the system, and all of the case accessories.

Antec P190 Accessories

Packed in the lower drive cage is the rest of the accessories and mounting hardware. Which includes wire ties, mounting screws, spare hard drive mount grommets, full length expansion card support, and fan clips.

Antec P190 PSU Cables

Packed in the upper half of the case is the modular cables for the 550w PSU that will power the system drives, fans, and lights.

Antec P190 200mm Side Fan

First we take a look at the 200mm fan on the door. The fan had a 4 pin Molex connector for power as well as a speed switch. Although it would have been nice to be able to switch the fan speed from the out side with out having to take the door off. There is also a washable filter that is easy to remove. The panels are quite heavy, mainly due to the sound damping material used on them. These panels are removable, so if you wanted to lighten the case a fair amount you could remove them.

Antec P190 Access Hatches

Looking closer at the bottom of the upper chamber we can see two hatches. These allow for easy access to the lower chamber and add working room when routing cables. The hatch on left in the image is also the only way to get the PSUs out of the case. We also can see the front panel USB, E1394, and audio cables. These are quite long so not reaching the motherboard will not be an issue.

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