Antec Notebook S Cooler Review

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Performance and Conclusions

Measuring temperatures is much more difficult on laptop PC’s than desktops. You can’t just open the case and take readings. I attempted to use my trusty Fluke 62 infrared thermometer to take some measurements but to my dismay, it didn’t work out very well and I never saw any temperature variance. Instead, I had to rely on software temperature reporting. Although these can be inaccurate as far as actual CPU temperature goes, they should at least show accurate temperature variance.

Antec Cooler Bottom

Using the MacBook Pro, I observed an average of 3-4 degrees Celsius lower temps with the cooler than without it using according to Temperature Monitor 4.3 by Bresink Software Systems. On the IBM, using Speedfan, only 2-3 degree variances were observed. The difference in cooling is mostly due to the MacBook using the case as a large heat sink. The cooler air flowing against the bottom alleviates the temperatures just slightly better than on the IBM. Either way, this is no better or worse than similar coolers and is an anticipated result.

Antec Cooler

There are a handful of notebook coolers on the market today and with the growing number of users I would expect the number of products to grow as well. However, unless someone develops one that integrates with the machine itself, they will all perform more or less the same. Therefore, what you’re left with is price, style and usability. Its MSRP is about middle of the road in terms of other coolers at $25.00 plus shipping, so it would even pass as a great holiday gift for someone that thinks they have everything. With its pass-through USB connector and its diminutive size, the Antec Notebook Cooler S clearly has some advantages over its peers in usability. If you need to travel light and require some extra cooling for your notebook, Antec has your solution with its Notebook Cooler S.

Legit Bottom Line: The Antec Notebook Cooler S lowered the internal notebook temperatures by 3-4 Celsius for under $30.00!

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