Antec Eleven Hundred Midtower Gaming Case Review

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Looking Closer at the Eleven Hundred

Antec Eleven Hundred

If you’re familiar with the Antec’s Gaming Series then you will see the Eleven Hundred’s heritage right off. If not, the top and front bezel layout hints at the Three Hundred, the left side panel the Six Hundred. The front has all mesh bezel. The top 3 bays are for 5.25″ devices, below that is a vent for the front intake fans. On the left panel the Eleven Hundred sports a side panel window with spots for two 120mm fans to be mounted.

Antec Eleven Hundred lowe filter

Down on the lower rear of the left side panel the Eleven Hundred has the new power supply vent filter that is removable from the side.

Antec Eleven Hundred front panel

The power and reset switches are on the top of the case. The front I/O ports are on the top front of the case. The Eleven Hundred’s front I/O panel consists of HD Audio ports, two USB2, and two USB3 ports.

Antec Eleven Hundred top vent

On the top are the power and rest buttons at the front. At the back is the top 200mm exhaust fan. The vent only has the hole pattern for the 200mm fan, so swapping it out for two 120mm fans or a cooler like the Corsair H100 is not an option.

Antec Eleven Hundred right panel

On the right panel is a fan mount and vent for a single 120mm fan.

Antec Eleven Hundred rear exhaust fan

Round back the Eleven Hundred has a single 120mm rear exhaust fan, just above that are spots that could be used for fan speed controls on Antec’s multi speed fans. The fans that come with the Eleven Hundred are not multi speed. The only switch here is the LED on/off for the top 200mm fan.

Antec Eleven Hundred expansion slots

The Eleven Hundred sports 9 vented expansion slots, and also has two water cooling tube pass though holes. There is also a large vent that runs the entire height of the right side of the case. This is to the space behind the motherboard.

Antec Eleven Hundred bottom

Looking at the bottom of the case there are four case feet and the single vent for the power supply.

Antec Eleven Hundred case feet

Each of the case feet snaps into the case frame. They are a hard plastic and they look to be the same feet as on the P280 just minus the silicon pads.

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