Annoying HUD Issues with Far Cry 3 to be Fixed

Far Cry 3, with its gorgeous graphics is the triple A title of the moment. However, its Heads Up Display (HUD) can be annoying for many players, since it shows a lot of information all the time cluttering up the screen, which can’t be toned down or turned off. A PC hack to get rid of the HUD proved that the game is perfectly playable without it, however. It looks like Ubisoft have been listening to their customers, since they gave a statement to Kotaku explaining that a patch for this issue is on its way:

Far Cry 3 screenshot

“Based on feedback from both press and fans, the Far Cry 3 production team is working on a patch that will allow you to toggle most HUD/UI elements based on player preference. The patch will also avoid issues encountered in the .dll hack that might create a mission walkthrough break (missing QTE prompts, critical information, etc;). The team is excited about how the Far Cry 3 community and fans of the game are enjoying themselves, and finding new ways to experience the Rook Islands. More news will be coming on the patch shortly…”


No word yet on a release date.

Far Cry 3 is a lot of fun, but the screen-clutter kind of a mess, particularly if you’re pretty good at the game and don’t want to be told what to do all the time. Unfortunately, the game didn’t ship with any way to turn that mess off—most players would just have to be content with constant notifications popping up every few minutes.


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