Angry Birds Star Wars Gameplay Trailer Released

Rovio Entertainment has revealed the first gameplay footage from Angry Birds Star Wars which features Luke and Leia! There is a possibility that this game will be a huge hit this holiday season as who doesn’t love Star Wars or Angry Birds? Angry Birds Star Wars coming will be able to run on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire, Mac, PC & Windows 8. Angry Birds Star Wars will be out on November 8th, 2012 and you can view the first gameplay trailer below. I can’t wait to start slinging Red Bird Luke and Pink Bird Leia in the game!

“This is the best Angry Birds game we’ve ever done. It’s the best parts of Angry Birds with all new cutting-edge gameplay set in a galaxy far, far away,” said Peter Vesterbacka, the Mighty Eagle and CMO of Rovio. “As a big Star Wars fan myself, I’m really excited about this new universe. The Force is definitely strong with this one.”


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