Android Jelly Bean 4.2: Seriously Buggy and Unreliable

It looks like Google’s Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update might not be so hot after all. Two days ago, it came to light that the calendar app incredibly had the month of December missing! Now, a slew of other significant bugs have revealed themselves such as, random reboots / major instability, broken Bluetooth, extreme battery drain / slow charging and more.

The reboots / instability problem is the most serious, however, causing reboots while the device is sitting idly with the screen off, perhaps multiple times a day. It affects every Android device except the Nexus 4 and oddly, none of the other bugs show up on the Nexus 4 either. Performing many other tasks such as watching video seems to trigger these, too. Also, performance can take a nosedive, particularly on the Nexus 7. Finally, performing a factory reset doesn’t alleviate any of these issues. Weird and annoying, it looks like this version of Android is a real lemon and one to avoid if you want to protect your sanity.

The stability problems don’t end there. Galaxy Nexus owners are saying that their phones’ displays are randomly turning on without any interaction. The system clock’s time is off by anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes when set to “Network Time” for some. Apps are force closing for no apparent reason. For an incremental update, Android 4.2 sure seems to be causing all the problems associated with a much more significant OS release.


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